Transport of animals by air

In our animal transport companies we help you transport your pet by air with competitive rates, professional service and all the information you need for peace of mind.

Transporting pets often creates great confusion, mainly because transportation has to be done necessarily, forced by the necessities of life, because it must meet specific regulations and for a specific documentation required by customs, veterinarians and airlines.

What you should know

In forums and web pages about pets, information on international transport of animals by air is, unfortunately, scarce and wrong in many cases, so we want clarify some doubts for peace of mind.

Calm !!!
Your pet will make a great trip.

Contrary to what you may think, the biggest problem we have in pet transport plane, is not the safety of the animal, but the tranquility of their owners.

After many years in the sector of animal transport company, we have never had any issue with safety. Pets, once you enter the premises of the airline and are carried to the area for animals, veterinarians and specialized personnel, assume their situation and remain very little calm.

However, the owners of the animals we get more nervous in transport by plane themselves.

What kennel should I use?

Leaving aside the psychological aspect of shipping and into the operation of the same, another fairly common question is to find the right kennel for the trip, depending on the type of animal, its size and characteristics asked by the airlines .

In Star Cargo offer personalized service, so the best way to know what kennel needs your pet for transport by plane, it is to make us a query and we’ll tell you how you have to measure your pet to know what size and model would be used.

Proper kennel in international transport of animals is also important for the budget as shipping fee is calculated based on the volume occupied by the kennel inside the plane. A wrong measurement causes a wrong budget and ensures that the airline will reject the shipment, if the kennel is too small.

What mode of shipment choose to take my pet on an airplane?

Shipping as accompanied pet, in the passage cabin.

Shipping as accompanied pet, in the passage cabin.
This option is best if you have the possibility that someone accompany the animal, because it is the most economical, but if you do not have this possibility or airline does not permit, then you have to send it as cargo.
If you take your animal as passage you have to contact your travel agent or directly with the airline.

Shipping as cargo in the hold.

If you opt for pet travel by plane, in the hold, you have to hire the services of an agency specialized in international transport of animals like Star Cargo.

On the Internet there are many opinions in reference to sending animals in the hold, founded on ignorance, we clarify the frequent doubts.

Will my pet go cold in the hold?

It seems hard to believe that there are people who think that animals travel in the hold as if they were bags. It is not so, the animal will not be cold, animal transport plane is done in pressurized and equipped cellars, as passengers.

The standard requires in the transport documents, show that the shipment must be done with a temperature of 15 to 25 degrees Celsius. It is, therefore, a controlled temperature.

Do I have to provide tranquilizers or relaxing my pet?

There is a lot of misinformation on this subject, if you decide to take your pet as a passenger, you are responsible for sedation, but if you send it as cargo, the legislation says it is not advisable.

Some airlines expressly prohibit sedation for transporting pets, by applying sedation, low blood pressure, with altitude flight, also lower, both pressure drops could cause cardiac problems to the animal.

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